Living Room HTPC

Welcome your living room with an ultimate home theater system. A Home Theater PC is capable of displaying a multitude of multimedia content. You can have access to all your favorite apps, browse the web, or have a video chat with family wherever they may be. From your home videos to your music and movie collection, it can play it all in stunning audial and visual quality. Your "smart" tv pales in comparison to what a Home Theater PC can offer.

Price: Starting @ $750

Configuration / Delivery / Installation included.
Sales Tax not included.


• 1080p High Definition Video Output (4K Ultra-HD Capable)
• 7.1 Channel HD Surround Sound Audio
• Intel Core i3 3.4 Ghz Processor
• 320 GB Hard Drive (Operating System)
• 2 TB Hard Drive (Storage)
• DVD Drive
• USB 3.0 Ports
• Energy Efficient Power Supply
• Windows 8.1 Operating System
• Remote Control App (Android / iOS / Windows)
• Media Center Software
• Internet Security Software (1 Year Subscription)
• Password Management Software

Optional Features

• Blu-Ray Disc Drive
• Web Camera
• Wireless Network Adapter
• DVR / TV Tuner
• Solid Slate Drive (Operating System)
• Wireless Keyboard (Illuminated) & Mouse